A Week in Yalta, Ukraine

After a recent trip to Yalta I decided to write a little about this beautiful city on the Black sea. As you will see from the pictures we visited most of the tourist attractions. The weather was warm and humid in the mornings with rain around noon, in the afternoon around 4 PM the beaches would be shaded making it perfect almost every day. There are venders walking up and down the beach selling Food of all sorts and even some local wine. When the sun starts to set the street performers start showing up in every space available. There are performers of every kind from classical to rock and roll. You can even do karaoke next to the Black sea. We also tried some of the local cuisine since we like Ukrainian dishes our favorite was a buffet style place on the beach, one of the women there spoke English as well. There are restaurants of almost every flavor, you can dine on a Viking ship or in a small castle on the cliff. For entertainment you can dance at a disco spend the day at a water park ice skate next to the sea or visit there version of sea world.

Crows nest restaurant

Buffet style restaurant