Dating a Lady from Sumy

Well my Sumy lady was a bust. After four trips we both realized we were not going to be together. I have met her family and friends and learned quite a lot about the culture language and life there. I will probably try again next year as I have plans to return and see more of Ukraine. I plan to visit Odessa and Bukovel next year and back to Sumy, for some reason I feel comfortable in this city. It is quite easy to get around Sumy once you have walked or taken the bus a few times. I have a few contacts I use for taxi or interpreters if I need them ( there are some on the links page) but it is not very difficult to get the things you need. There are supermarkets and small stores in almost every block making finding what you need very easy. Most stores you can see the total on the register so no problem with paying. My favorite place to stay is close to the city center not far from the Eko market and walking only street. You will find benches to sit on and café’s every where also some nice parks for people watching. Most of the café’s and restaurants are in Russian so it makes it a little difficult ordering food so a few Russian lessons would be good or use a translator most in Sumy should only cost five or ten USD an hour.

My observations from dating and traveling in Ukraine is that the country is rich in history and culture. The people are proud of there past and will gladly tell you about famous people and events. There are many monuments and parks commemorating events and people from Ukraine making it scenic and interesting for tourists. As far as dating goes it is a little different than here some just want some one to take them out to dinner and buy them things much like some American women, others just want a way out or the green card. The one thing that really sticks out is that the women there are very feminine you can tell from the way they dress and act that they almost celebrate being a woman. Like much of Europe the men dress a little better than American men. I have seen a lot of men complain about being scammed the best advice I can give for this is never send any one money. There are dating sites where men can start to correspond with the women the worst of these are the pay per letter. There are some free or low cost sites here are two of them. The first is a low cost site you can pay for multiple months fairly reasonably . The second is a free site that allows you to instant message users online , we also have a forum on easy Ukraine for registered members to ask questions or post recent experience. Since the spammers constantly hit forums all users must be pre approved before posting.