A walk along Kreshatyk or khreshatyk can be very interesting. The street is located in the capital of Ukraine and is the main street for the city made famous by the orange revolution. What most people do not know is all of the buildings along this street were built after WWII since it was destroyed during the war. There is some interesting architecture and sights to be seen with a stroll along this famous street.

monument along Kreshatyk

On the weekends the street is closed to traffic and it resembles a street fair with vendors concerts and who knows what depending on the time of year. There are shopping malls located at each end of the street and monuments on both of the squares. During the week you walk under the street to cross so you are not run over buy the cars, a word of caution they also drive on the walk ways. There are cafes and restaurants located on almost every corner and 2 McDonald's. The squares both located on the same end of the street have monuments that are great for picture taking and learning a little about the history and culture of Ukraine

monument in Kiev

There are also vendors who will take your picture and print it for you while you wait. there is also a large government building that is lit up at night reminding you of holiday lights. on occasion you will see protesters in front of the building with signs and petitions.

Ukraine government building at night