Ukraine apartment

On this trip I rented from uaapartment web site they are listed on out links page. There office is located in the heart of Kiev and will meet you at the airport or train station for 35 USD, a bit higher than if you negotiate a fare from one of the taxi drivers at the airport. Most visitors do not read or speak Russian so taking the bus or using the metro in Kiev can be difficult. (there is a map in English on the Kiev travel page). I have stayed with this company on 5 different trips to Ukraine and have had no problem with reservations. They will offer a one night stay if you need it unlike a few other places. On there web site they also offer other services like tours, driver and translator if needed., since I haven't used any of those services I cant say if they are good or bad. The reason I normally stay with them is because they offer internet and after a long journey I like to relax in a Jacuzzi. They have apartments in Kiev ranging from 59-200 depending on time of year and what specials they are running. They also have what they call guest suite's that offer everything but a place to cook, I have tried them and they are quite comfortable. One of the things I really like is on the back of the business card they give you is a map with the apartment highlighted and the contact numbers if you need anything. You can reserve your booking online and they send you a link to pay for the first night you pay the remainder upon arrival. I would suggest paying in local currency since they use the posted bank rate for exchange when paying in another currency.