Escorts in Ukraine

The Femen organization in Ukraine has often brought attention to escorts and sex tourist in Ukraine. It is quite controversial since these girls seem to protest topless or nearly nude. It is illegal but a thriving business in almost every city, the exact number of sex tourists seems to be unknown for the most part. There are well known places to pick up an escort or order one online in English or Russian. There are places that cater to English speaking clientele but the majority seems to be Russian speaking customers. The going rate depends on if you speak Russian or not 200 seems to be the number depending on where you are from, 200 Euros if you are from Europe 200 dollars if from America and around 250 grivna if from Ukraine. In my research there did not seem to be any difference in the quality of girls from the different web sites. I was told some sites even have customer reviews. I enlisted the help of a friend in my research who is a web developer for the adult industry giving him a first hand look at how it all works.