Writing ukrainian girls

To Write or not to Write,

that is the question You may look at this title and think to yourself, what is this article all about. We all start our correspondence with FSU women by writing to them, weather it is in a form of an email or through letters via an agency. When you start writing, how many of you find that the woman you are writing to still lives with her parents, as although this seems odd to our western society, to FSU families it is normal, as many cannot afford their own place, as a friend of mine pointed out, most FSU women work to eat. Now I will come to the point of the title of this article, how many of us men who are corresponding with FSU woman, have actually written to the woman's parents, from what I have found out, hardly any will do so. I am in correspondence with a young woman from the Ukraine and we get on very well and our meeting is very shortly, when she told her parents about me, they were not that happy because they expressed great concern about the news and stories that they had heard about sex tourism and sex slave trafficking. You cannot blame any parent for such thoughts, as of course they love and care for their children and want the best for them. So this is when I decided to write directly to her parents, I kept the letter friendly and told them about myself and my interests and of course my intentions towards their daughter, I also included a photo of myself, I had the letter translated into Russian and sent it via DHL. The result was amazing, my Lady sent me a letter saying, that her parents were so pleased that I had taken time to write to them and that I told them all about myself. They now are looking forward very much to meeting with me when I arrive in the Ukraine, they ask regularly about me and it seems that I now have gone up in the world in their eyes.It does not take long to write a letter to your Lady’s parents, although a letter will never ever be as good as them meeting you, it does however give you that extra few brownie points with her parents. As once you have the parents on your side, it is basically down to you to win the heart of your lady, as the parents will back you all the way. So in my personal experience, I think it is better to write!!!!