A week in Sumy.


On my last trip to Sumy I explored a little more of the city. seen a restaurant that looks like an old windmill I think it translated to starry mill or something similar. I was told they have great pancakes and a menu in English. there is a beach on the river you can see from the entrance and a walking bridge with a few more restaurants on the other side. I had dinner on the other side with a few friends they also have a menu in English It was 15 minutes walk from the city center so I would suggest taking a taxi or bus number 5 runs out there. While in Sumy I also had dinner at a place called Port Royal that had a brewery and live music outside, there was also a ship in a pond for people to sit and have dinner. I am not a beer drinker but did sample one of the fine beers they produce and I am happy to say it was quite good. on my last evening in Sumy we had take out, we ordered sushi for 4 and it was quite good I have to thank Inna who had the menu in her purse. On this trip I used an interpreter named Inna who was quite good and the price was reasonable 7 an hour, she was quite helpful when I needed to get things done.Sumy tatonka
Since I despise looking like a tourist with a big camera hanging around my neck some of the photos in Sumy are from my iphone. I did break down and take a few pictures with my Cannon rebel as you can see in a few of the better pictures. some of the best pictures are from my mate Pete who is a much better photographer than I am. ( thanks Pete).