A week in Kiev Ukraine

A week in Kiev Ukraine

I spent a week walking and touring this beautiful city, Kiev is full of things to see and do. if you only have a few hours in Kiev I would suggest a walk down Krashatik the main street in Kiev.

One thing I had to laugh at was the Papa Johns sign, it looks nothing like American Papa Johns. There is also a TGI Friday across the street. They are located at the end of Kreshatik where Arena city is located.

papa johns Kiev

We also had good sushi at sushi ya, they have a menu in English and is quite tasty. I prefer the California roll the shrimp and rice bowl is also good and filling. If you prefer something a little more traditional and inexpensive try Pazhatahatta not sure of the spelling.  It is a buffet style place that has most of the traditional Ukrainian dishes. They also have free WI FI here is a picture. All there restaurants are located at the far end of Krashatik away from the main square.

On the main square (there are 2 opposite each other) amongst the fountains and monuments there are venders of every type, you can have your picture taken for a few grivna or buy souvenirs. Just like most major city’s there are restaurants of every type along the street and kiosk to buy things. There are 2 Mc Donald’s  and both have employees who speak English.