FSU VS American

The green card versus the American I am taking you for every penny.

Lets start with some statistics. 50 percent of all marriages in the US end within the first five years. More than 70 percent of foreign marriages are still together after the first five years. To me that sounds like good odds so it got me to thinking is it because of the green card or is there something to this. Well I started looking into the Immigration rules and timelines for legal citizens. Here are the averages and they fluctuate by 1-2 months depending on various factors. For a fiancée visa called a K1 the time it takes to get a visa then a temporary 2 year green card is just under 1 year on average. 4-5 months for initial visa then another 4-6 months for what is called adjustment of status after marriage. The permanent green card must be applied for within 90 days of expiration of temporary green card. So in total about 3 years to get permanent green card. Then they can say I want to be American and take you for every penny. They can also become a citizen after the permanent green card is issued even if divorced ( don’t recall wait time).

For what is known as IR1 wife visa can be from 200-300 days depending on various factors. If marriage is more than 2 years old permanent green card is issued, if married less than 2 years a temporary green card is issued and same rules apply.

I have talked to quite a few people and none of them say oh the last 3 I married were scammers. Amongst the people I have surveyed 3 seems to be the average number of times they were married. I refer to dating as interviewing my next ex, although I have only been married once I thought this seemed appropriate given the average. From what I have learned from the men I surveyed who married foreign women only a few have divorced thus far. Most of the men I know have married Asian or Former soviet union wives. I have only met 1 who has talked divorce from an Asian bride and 1 from what is referred to as a Russian or mail order bride. The rest all seem happily married. Of the 2 couples in question only 1 had children.

Next I asked there opinions on foreign brides, women claimed there just scammers or want a green card, this view was worse for Russian women. The men I surveyed had a different opinion. Some didn’t know others thought what the hell cant be any worse than here. There were a few who thought they might be scammed but for the most part I am not sure they cared or had an opinion. The most interesting part of my survey was the number of women looking for a foreign man. Of those women almost none had a negative opinion of foreign brides.

I also checked the number of countries with the most scam marriages. The top of the list was Nigeria (no surprise there) then came places like Iran. Next was a few relatively small countries’ no one has heard of.

So you decide for yourself is it really worth the work?