Finding a mail order bride

I have around 4 years experience dealing with web sites for dating these beautiful women . I will start with debunking a few myths about the process. First these girls do not fall at your feet because you are American. Second most would rather stay in there own country and not travel half way around the world to live. Third they are not all poor and desperate looking for a night in shining armor to rescue them.

First you need to commit to a few trips to see the lady you will be corresponding with. You will want to plan a trip within six months of starting your search. Then you will need to decide exactly what you are looking for in potential mate and be honest about what you can offer her. If you are serious you will need an income of at least 125% above the poverty level to apply for her visa.

This is where the journey begins. You will want to find a low cost way of communicating with your new found friend. There are a few low cost web sites that you can join for free. There is also what is known as a romance social to get your feet wet and learn a little about how things are done. These can be costly but efficient as you can make quite a few friends and gather contacts for future trips. You can also find an agency in the city’s you visit and cut out the internet all together. As soon as you join  an international dating web site you will receive letters from women expressing interest. Most are sent out by the local agency. If you respond they will then call the lady and read your letter to her and get a response. Most of these are what is called form letters written by the agency or the lady to make initial contact.

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When looking for a web site to initiate your first contact you should look for one that gives you direct communication to your lady. A lot of online dating sites use a local agency to send them profiles of lady’s in there city. The local agency is a business and will mark up the prices of services they offer and charge another fee to introduce you to the lady, all this after you have paid a membership fee to join a web site. We recommend AFA for the romance socials and any of the affiliates on our site.

First I will explain how it works. Fiancé web site recruits local agency’s to  send them profiles of lady’s they also allow lady’s to join who have there own internet. Once you are a member the profile will have information about each lady and if she has an agency or personal email. I would suggest look for profiles that are not affiliated with an agency. An agency can be helpful for a first timer to gain a few contacts and learn the lay of the land so to speak. There are a few listed on our links page that I or one of my staff have used personally. Beware of paying for an excursion from an agency to another city as this is often expensive.  If or when you meet that special lady separate her from the agency as soon as possible. there are times when an agency will come in handy such as if you need interpreters or transportation. be aware you will pay a fee for there service as well as the actual cost.

Now for a little about Elenasmodels. All members must have there own internet so you have direct contact immediately, no middle man involved. They sell a monthly membership that allows you to contact the lady of your choosing. Never pay for translation as there are many free programs to do it for you.