Heading to Bukovel

As I make plans for my next trip to Bukovel in the Ukraine, there will be six of us going to the Carpathian mountains to snowboard. We have decided to stay at Bukovel a relatively new resort in Ukraine. the closest rail station is Ivano-Frankivsk there is also an airport. we will meet the rest of our party in Kiev then travel by train once there we will take a bus to Ybalunytsya to book our hotel. Normally we recommend renting an apartment due to the price and lack of hotels but this region has a lack of accommodations all the way around.

Gorgany hotel

Here is a train schedule from Kiev.

Kiev - Bukovel Region
Overnight Sleeper Trains
Departs from Kiev at 19.16 and arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk at 07.02
Departs from Kiev at 21.21 and arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk at 10.18
Departs from Ivano-Frankivsk at 18.15 and arrives in Kiev at 06.23
Departs from Ivano-Frankivsk at 20.33 and arrives in Kiev at 09.25

Since airline rules are changing all the time when I was booking this trip to Ukraine I discovered, that when you book online with multiple carriers you might have to pay baggage fees for the domestic leg. it seems the airlines have decided to charge when you book international flights with multiple carriers. Normally I book on one of the online stores such as Kayak but found that booking with Delta saved me some money. International flights let your bags fly free but domestic flights have started to charge an average of 25 dollars each way.  Now is one of the best times to get discount flights to most of Europe, you can save 100 dollars or more by booking 30 days in advance and catching the first of the year sales.