Dating in Ukraine

Well I have to admit I have dated women from all over the world and for some reason Ukrainian girls keep me coming back for more. About four years ago a friend married a girl from a city called Sumy, he invited me to join him to go see his family so I accepted. His new bride was a striking beauty and a few years younger than him. Well as some of you know things happen and he could not make the trip so I asked him for a few tips and was off for my first trip to Sumy

.New monument in Sumy

I first found a forum for people who travel to Ukraine to get advice from some who have been there done that. I signed up for a few dating agency's and had a couple girls to go meet. The tips I learned and contacts I had established before hand came in quite handy. I met a couple girls and found one that for some reason was quite interesting so I focused on learning what I could from her. After the second trip to see my new acquaintance I realized she was not the girl for me but could learn a lot about the culture and customs. I spent two years learning all I could from this lady then moved on to girl two, three, four and finally number five before I found one I thought would be what I was looking for. After two trips to see girl four she decided the distance and time was not for her so since I had a few days before my return home I decided to see more of the city. My interpreter decided I should meet some girls since I had some time on my hands she suggested I look at some pictures and choose one from one of the local agency's. I am an adventurous type so I said you choose. I only had a few requirements first she must have a positive attitude, second she must be thin. My thoughts were I could spend some time with a girl and have a few laughs while we explored some places to eat.


Sumy pizza

Here is where I tell you we had a great time well we did, for about an hour and a half because apparently the agency owner also set up a meeting with another girl. Well the second girl looked great but was a bit shy and didn't speak a word of English, we still had a good time and enjoyed ourselves with interpreter in tow. As we took her home she said she would like to see me again if I was in Sumy. The first girl spoke some English but for a first meeting or date if you wish it helps to have an interpreter along. Since I had so much fun with the first girl and we both seem to hit it off great I called her as soon as second girl was gone. She said something like yes hurry up I will be ready. So we had the driver take us to pick her up, on the way Inna the interpreter ( you can email her from the links page) suggested we have some sushi delivered, well since I was traveling with a friend named Pete I thought sure he hasn't eaten and likes sushi. She pulled a menu from her purse and they had a few selections for groups of four, I know Pete likes most of what was on one of them so I said lets get that one. She placed the call to have it delivered just before we arrived to pick up my new favorite girl in Ukraine. To my delight she had changed to a very sexy outfit quite fitting for an attractive Ukrainian girl. We had so much fun that night drinking eating and talking, it was almost like I have known this girl most of my life. Since I had to go back to Kiev ( I like to spend the night there before my flight) the following day my new girl wanted to see me off in the morning. She came by early so we could spend some time together before I had to go. I also wanted to see a friend in Kiev before coming home.

I returned home fifteen days ago and have been in contact with the new girl every day, we call cam and use yahoo messenger every day. I will be back to see her in five weeks and a couple days. I have no clue what will happen but I do know nothing ventured nothing gained.
Good luck to all who search.