Kiev for a day

Kiev is more than a thousand years old With one of the shortest main streets in the world Khreschatic is full of life. Kiev is also the capital of Ukraine. It only take about ten minutes to walk the length of kreshatik but has many stores and restaurants. At each end of the street is an intersection where three more streets intersect funneling all the traffic. On the weekends the road is closed and it resembles a street fare with vendors all over. there are shopping malls at both ends, one resembles the walls of a castle and the other is underground. My favorite thing to do is have tea or coffee on a bench watching all the people pass by. You can food of any type or flavor one of my favorites is pazhata hata. It is like Ukrainian fast food serving traditional dishes. all the food is displayed similar to a buffet you might see in America. You can just point to what you would like to have and they will serve it up for you. There are also two McDonald's about five minutes apart as well as one in the underground mall.