Travel in Sumy

I have spent a lot of time traveling in and around Sumy. It is located in western Ukraine about four and a half hours from Kiev. I have quite a few friends and some family in and around Sumy. I have some great memory's going to visit friends in the villages around Sumy.


I have spent a few evening at Fonconi, one of my favorite places to dine. the food is quite good and prices are reasonable. For a quick bit I normally stop at New York street piza, there pizza is not bad and there salads are quite good. To get to New York street pizza stand in front of the Eco market in the center of town and go up the hill to the street lite, Turn Right go about 3 block its on the right side. If you want to go to Fonconi go down the street where New York street Pizza is, turn right go 2 blocks its on the left. There is a Mc Donald's across the street from the Eco market. all these places offer menus in English except the pizza.

Church in Sumy