Travel to Ukraine

I was doing an article for my blog and decided to write about my next trip to Ukraine. I will make a trip to Sumy to see my wife's family but will also take time to go snowboarding with the son's. We had so much fun at Bukovel last year we wanted to go again.

Bukovel 2011

We will no doubt have a great time again this year, the Carpathian mountains are beautiful and the view from the top cant be beat. Back to my blog, I was thinking about when and where to exchange dollars in Ukraine, with the new exchange rules.

Here is an exert from my other article.

As we plan our next trip to Ukraine I was reading up on news. It seems the government is attempting to prop up the local currency. The national bank sets the exchange rate but there is stiff competition from the kiosks set up in every city. In Ohio if you want to exchange money you go to the bank and it takes three days for the money to arrive. I guess there really isn't any need for it except at international airport or border city's. In most of Europe almost all banks will have currency on hand. Ukraine is trying to slow the drop of there currency by changing rules for banks. They attempted to make it more difficult to exchange dollars but with the Euro 2012 coming they have had to relax the rules. I have found the most economical way is using the bank o mat or as we call it ATM. I use my PayPal card because it has favorable exchange rates and low fees compared to some others I have used. Just use normal precautions when using the bank o mat and you should be fine. In larger city's they will give dollars but most only give Hryvnia.