Bukovel accommodations.

We took a train to Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine were we found a taxi driver who took us to Pruvamna Caduba hotel.  They were full but arranged for us to stay at a new place with rooms for rent. The price was 150 grivna per person and included 2 meals a day. For around 25 dollars you can have ski rental for your entire stay. The hotel is located in Uremche Ukraine about 17 kilometers from Bukovel. The city is quite beautiful with lights hung and a welcome sign as you enter. Mini bus to Bukovel is around 7 grivna or if you ask at the hotel you can ride free with a local tour group. The food was quite good with a 3 or 4 course meal every day, consisting of Ukrainian food soup, salads, meat, fruit and vegetables. local shop

Uremche is located between 2 small mountain ranges in the Carpathian mountains with a river dividing the city. You can do most things you would expect from a tourist city including excursions and massage. Looking out my window at the mountains in the morning was breathtaking. It snowed off and on depending on where you are, literally you can go 50 meters and it is snowing. You can find small shops with souvenirs made from local craftsmen wearing traditional costumes from days gone by. There was a down side to the whole trip most only spoke Russian. If you stay at Bukovel they do have English speaking staff.

Uremche hotel