Finding a mail order bride part2

Here is where I explain a little about the different sites for finding a potential partner or as it is known soul mate.

The pay per letter web sites can charge any where from 5-20 dollars depending on how popular a particular lady is. After a certain number of letters they will allow you to have her personal contact information, normally after 25 or more paid emails or they will offer an express service that you pay 50 dollars for. These type of web sites normally are not recommended because of the cost. As most people know it can take quite a few contacts with different individuals before you find what you are looking for.
girsl in sumy
Membership web sites.
There are a couple different types of these ranging from 50 dollars for 6 month to 200 euros what you need to look for on this type of site is one that does not edit your emails. Some of these type use local agency’s to send them profiles, like a middle man who gets a little piece of the pie. Others are similar to any other online dating site and every one brings there own internet connection and you are o your own.  Some offer video/web cam chats and charge by the minute. No web site no matter how hard they try can say they are scam free, no one can know the intentions of there clients. Most of the scammer policing is left up to a local agency and quite a few do a poor job.  Almost all offer flower and gift deliver at inflated prices. We recommend Elenas models and Fiance both advertise on our site.

A little about local agency’s it is best to get a referral if you choose this route. Many of the local agency’s make a living by increasing the fee for taxi and apartment rental. Almost every agency will have translators for hires  and offer excursions. Best to shop around since the price can vary quite a bit. Some may charge 5 an hour for a translator and another may want 15 in the same city. Most will want an introduction fee ranging from 40-70 dollars. All of them will have a catalogue of the girls either online or book form with a photo and basic profile information. Some will ask what you are looking for and then bring photos and a description of the lady for you to decide. When you chose one or more they will then call her and set up a time and place for the initial meeting. Do not forget to get her contact information as you might want it in the near future. If a local agency owns an apartment it might be a better option to rent from them, here again check the going rate. We have 2 small agency’s on our links page we recommend and have used.