Ukraine ski resorts


Bukovel ski resort is a new large ski resort in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast 30 km to the west of Yaremcha. Bukovel has major plans for expansion; supposedly by the 2009-2010 season it plans to have 278 km of runs and 35  lifts, which would make it one of the 20 largest ski resorts in the world. Currently, There are 14 lifts and 50 km of runs. Bukovels base elevation is nearly 900 m above sea level, and the highest ski lift rises to 1370. the view from some of the lifts is incredible. There are plenty of places to warm up and have a little something to eat or drink.

Bukovel ski run

Crimea - Angarskyy Pass (Chatyr-Dag)

Angarskyy Pass (Chatyr-Dag) - 3 tows 300 - 650 m in length, 700 - 800 m elevation; accessible by bus from Simferopol or Yalta.


Drahobrat is located 18 km away from Yasenya, 120 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. Drahobrat (commonly spelled "Dragobrat") is Ukraines highest ski resort, with a base elevation at 1300 m. Drahobrat is the first ski resort to open its lifts and the last to turn them off — usually around May 1st. At Drahobrat you can enjoy up to 350 m of elevation drop. Five or six tow lifts from 350 to 1000 m in length reach up the mountainside as far as the summit of Stig mountain at 1703 m. The skiing is as wild as it gets in Ukraine.


Izki is ski area 18 km to the south of the Volovets train station, which is on the Kiev-Uzhhorod train line. There is a chair (950 n) and tow (950 n) lifts.


Krasiya is one of Ukraine"s least known ski resorts, but actually is among the most developed. The mountain that the ski runs are on rises to 1036 m and faces the northeast - which makes for good snow quality. There are six lifts - one chair lift and five tow lifts - and runs of up to 2500 m, which is quite long for Ukrainian resorts. Supposedly there is a half-pipe for snowboarders.


Menchil mt. located near Slavske, Grabovets and Pshonets, Skole district, Lviv region. Number of lifts - 2, Varshava (1175 m) and Grabovets (850 m).


Mizhgirya is located about 35 km to the southeast of Volovets, which has a train station on the Kiev-Uzhhorod line. The mountain is called Makovytsia and rises to over 750 m, which is 300 m above the valley floor. There is a chair lift to the top of the mountain and several different routes down that are up to 2300 m in length.


Mountain-ski and tourist complex «Myhove» is located in the Village Myhove, region of Chernivtsi, at altitude of 740 m over the sea level, in the heart of Prykarpattya. 1st route length of 1100 m, width of 50 m; 2nd route length of 1240 m width of 45 m. The difference of altitudes of 250 m. The flat route for beginners and children the multielevator of 200 m and the ski school."