Cell phone for Ukraine

seasoned travelers know how important it is to have a local number where ever you travel, you might also want to use your normal number for emergency purposes. I have used a few different company's over the years including Verizon,T mobile and my current AT&T. if you have a cell phone with GSM technology you will be able to receive call from home at a price. Verizon does not use CDMA technology but will offer a European plan for customers I have not had any experience with this plan but it will require the phone to be modified. T mobile and AT&T both use GSM technology so a quad band phone is all that is required. I also have what I call a chi phone I ordered from ebay, it resembles an Iphone but is far from the real thing. the chi phones have dual sim and 16 gig micro cards. I use this with a local sim card so I can call much cheaper than with my cell phone. the chi phone seems to have better signal strength than my real Iphone. Of course you can also purchase a data package for when you travel for when Wi Fi is not available. The data package comes in handy when you want to use your translation software and no Wi Fi is available. If you want a cell phone for Ukraine I would suggest buying a phone from ebay, just make sure it is an unlocked quad band cell phone. You can always purchase a cell phone for around 100 dollars when you arrive in Ukraine. there are quite a few different models to choose from in local shops. The most popular are the small candy bar phones but they also have just about anything you could want in a smart phone. After you ave decided what phone to buy all you need to do is purchase a sim card when you land, most will come with a few minutes included but you can purchase more minutes. To buy minutes for your phone you have a couple options. you can buy some minutes when you purchase your sim card, vendors on the street or use a kiosk that looks almost like an ATM machine but will have multiple language and symbol from all the local carriers. If you have a person or contact you will be calling ask what company they are with, you can save them and yourself some money buy using the same company.