Topless protesters in Ukraine

A woman's organization in Ukraine called Femen often protests topless in an effort to have there message heard. The movement is mostly university students who want to help make Ukraine a better place, there methods might be a little different but they know how to draw a crowd. These young women will protest a wide range of social and economic issues that matter to the common citizen. one of the latest protests is about the debt in Ukraine. one young lady dressed as a topless beggar asking for money to help save Ukraine.

national debt protest

Other protests and demonstrations highlight the sex trade, including sex tourism and sex for grades in the education system. Some might think there methods are quite revealing but most agree with there message. One of the reoccurring themes of there protests is the brothels and sex tourism.

femen and sex tourism

Ukraine is well known for having some of the most beautiful women in the world so its not surprising these women can draw a crowd. These young women will protest at any event that they can gain access even a fashion show. As far as I know the protests are held mainly in Kiev the capital of Ukraine. Not even cold and snow can keep the clothes on these young lady's.

fashion show protest