Crimea Ukraine vacation

One of the great Summer vacation places in Ukraine is Crimea on the Black sea. Crimea has a Mediterranean feel to it and the view when driving can be incredible. The main tourist place in Crimea would be Yalta, as a friend put it it is the most expensive village in Ukraine. The beaches in Yalta are all pebbles for those of you who want sand you might consider the sea of Azov on the eastern coast. the sea of Azov is one of the shallowest in the world with and average of only 12 meters deep. The road from Simferopol to Yalta has some incredible views from the hill side. Ukraine has a lot to offer a traveler who is looking for an inexpensive vacation, the exchange rate is quite favorable and if you can speak a little Russian you can find a great deal on places to stay.


The sea theater in Crimea is worth a look, the evening show is less crowded but can be bit cool so take a jacket.The artwork done by the dolphin is bid on like an auction so if you want a souvenir take some extra Grivna.


akvatoria sea theater

The Swallows nest is also in Crimea on a cliff high above the Black sea. This little restaurant is quite interesting. Just a short boat ride from Yalta but be prepared to pay to walk up the stairs.

Swallows nest Crimea