Euro 2012 volunteers.

Ukraine is in need of volunteers who are fluent in English, the first problem they must overcome is Ukrainians are not accustom to volunteering. As Ukraine prepares for the Euro 2012 they are in desperate need of volunteers who are fluent in English. they have attempted to teach English to law enforcement officials but its a daunting task considering the lack of time. I have even had business associates ask if I know any people who speak fluent English so they can employ them. I am an avid traveler to most of Europe and have trouble with some of the accents and slang in a few country's my New Zealand friends come to mind. Americans are quite unique in that they will always volunteer but 2 months is a lot to ask considering you have to cover your own accommodations, Most volunteers know they will cover the cost of food and accommodations are normally very inexpensive or free. I wonder if Ukraine will find the number of volunteers needed to help assist the influx of tourist for the Euro 2012 football tournament. As for me I would be more than willing to meet new people from other country's and volunteer if, I could acquire the time from my current employment and of course informing all my readers.