Finding a Ukrainian wife.

As I ponder all the ins and outs of traveling and the time spent searching for just the rite lady, I find it difficult to decide where to begin. With the internet being used in household all over the world is it any wonder it can be such a great tool when considering a Ukrainian bride. I guess I should start with the different ways to contact a nice lady from Ukraine. there are literally hundreds of dating sites for Ukrainian women including some that are specific to certain city's. there are quite a few free or low cost web sites where you can become a member and contact lady's, most use a local agency to send them profiles of the women. this type of web site allows agency's to charge money for services such as the introduction, interpreter, transportation and lodging. the next type of web site allows direct contact with the lady you wish to talk to.

For a first visit to Ukraine I would suggest finding a low cost agency to make some of the arrangements for you. There are also what is know as romance socials where for a few thousand they will basically hold your hand during your stay. It is no different meeting women in Ukraine than any other country around the world.

clock in Kiev

If or when you decide to make your first visit to Ukraine I would suggest having a few contacts as a backup plan, we have a few low cost and reasonable agency's on our links page. we also have lady's from a few of the agency's on our dating page, I would recommend Elena's models (direct contact). Quite a few agency's will charge a premium for there services so expect to pay a little more for there accommodations, transportation and interpreter.

In Kiev the capital of Ukraine you can find apartments that are much cheaper than a hotel and they have English speaking staff. they can also be a good place to inqure for interpreter since some can be reasonable. In Kiev I would expect to pay no more than 15 dollars an hour for an interpreter unless it includes a driver. In smaller city's I would expect 5 dollars an hour but wouldn't make a big deal out of paying 7. for transportation the locals ride the bus or metro since it is so cheep, as for taxi I would expect no more than 12 dollars to any place in Kiev. One word of caution make sure you contact your financial institution before you travel so they dont put a hold on your credit cards and ATM card if you use one. If you take cash make sure it is new unblemished bills as they wont accept older and defaced money.

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