Ukraine travel tips

As some of you may know it can be quite costly and or difficult when traveling to a foreign country. In Ukraine a large percentage of the population still speaks Russian and almost all signs are still in Russian, with the Euro 2012 quickly approaching some signs are starting to appear in English. The metro has quite a few signs in English now and most of the restaurants have menu's in English, sad to say not all have English speaking staff. We have compiled a small list of taxi services that have staff who speak English on our Kiev travel page. You can expect to pay a little more as the meter may run a bit fast. Locals negotiate a rate before getting in or having a taxi sent. I have had no problems getting any place in Kiev for around 10 dollars except during peak hours. I normally just take the metro since it is very inexpensive, we have a map in English on our travel pages. Khreshatik is the main road in Kiev where everybody goes. You can also find one of my favorite company's there, free tours Kyiv there is a link to there site on our links page. Our links page only contains a list of agency's me or my staff have used or can recommend to our readers. Since we do not derive revenue from our links page you can be assured we only link those who's services we do or will use.

Our travel pages have a few Ukrainian city's listed where have have personally traveled, including pictures and some helpful information for traveling around Ukraine.