A little time in Ukraine

As many travelers know Ukraine is full of beauty and wonder for the curious traveler. I have seen many things in Ukraine from incredible views from the cliff over looking the Black sea to 17th century churches. Snowboarding in the Carpathian mountains last winter has me planning my next trip. Sitting on a beach in Yalta sipping wine and eating lunch as the waves roll across the pebbles was quite relaxing. Walking in the capital Kiev and stopping at a cafe or sitting on a bench watching people walk past can open a persons eyes and give you a small taste of the culture. As I explore more of Ukraine it leaves me yearning for more and planning my next visit. I had had the honor of tasting some home made food on quite a few occasions and I have to say I was impressed with the flavor. Most dishes are fresh vegetables with mayonnaise. The fruits and vegetables have quite a good flavor to them which surprised me the first time I tried them. I have tried the local restaurants and some of the chain food, I prefer Ukrainian over over the chain restaurants. As I travel Ukraine I am constantly amazed with every new adventure.