The truth about mail order brides

First there is no such thing as a mail order bride, you cant just pop a woman in the mail and have her arrive at your home. Every country has different rules about imigration, in the US you have to prove you have met in person within the last 2 years to be eligable to file for a visa.  Second you can get scammed if you dont keep your wits about you. The numbers for the success rate for foreign brides is a lot better than for American mirages. Foreign brides only have  20% rate of divorce versus 50% of American , over a 5 year span. Of course successful relationships are not what people want to see on television so you wont see much on it unless you really look.

I was successful in a search to find a soul mate. I did not limit myself to just one country state or region in my search. I am quite busy with limited time to develop a relationship. I used mostly what is known as internet dating using the popular company's such as match, plenty of fish and a few international sites. I had some memorable dates and enjoyed myself with quite a few of the potential candidates. I think this search lasted 3 months before I narrowed down a few requirements that I wanted in a potential wife. of course I was doing this whole thing backwards. after deciding exactly what I needed in a relationship I narrowed my search to Ukraine were the odds of success were in my favor.

I tried a few of the internet sites and made a few contacts in my travels and I found you needed some local contacts to be successful. I compiled these contacts into easyukraine.