Bus from Boryspil

It seems in preparation for Euro 2012 Ukraine has added a few more buses to take people to the train station. The train station also has a metro stop just outside giving you access to the whole city. After you make your way thru the taxi drivers looking to overcharge you, you can go outside and look for the big purple buses. They leave around every 15 minutes so not much wait at all. The price to ride is 25 UAH they are heated and have air conditioning for passengers. The metro now has signs in English so you can navigate your way around the city. Cost for a ride on the metro is 2UAH making it quite cheap. We have a map of the metro in English on our travel page for Kiev. Soon they will separate parking area just for the buses. You will probable hear an elderly woman saying vokzal or something similar and a sign that says 25UAH. You will need some local currency to pay for your ride but you can find and exchange place inside terminal A. The rate outside the airport is normally much better so don't exchange much. The taxi drivers who can speak English will try to charge you 50 Euros or dollars for a ride to Kyiv, Hotels and apartment company's charge around 35 USD for the ride.