L viv Ukraine

Lviv is an excelent destination to travel to. L vov also called L viv
Located in western Ukraine The city center is listed on UNESCO world heritage list. It is one of the few city's left relatively intact during world war II. Its more Western European flavor lends it the nickname the "Little Paris of Ukraine".

The city is expecting a sharp increase in the number of foreign visitors this summer for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, and as a result a major new airport terminal is being built. Lviv is one of 8 Polish and Ukrainian cities that is co-hosting the group stages of the tournament.

The city has all the usual forms of transportation buses, trolly and train there is also an airport LWO located just outside the city. The train station is a major hub for travel to other European country's with over nite trains to major destinations.

For the tourist there is much to see and do you can visit remnants of old an old castle with a viewing platform. visit a palace turned into a museum and explore nature in the mountains nearby. Town Hall building standing in the center of the square is a symbol of the city. There is Lviv Tourist Information Center on the ground floor. The center sells Lviv maps and guidebooks. Also the people working there can answer your questions. The square is almost always full of tourists, especially during the days of numerous festivals and holidays. Address: Lviv, Market Square. You can also visit an indoor water park. there is also a museum of furniture and porcelain.