Meeting a Ukrainian lady

So you have found a lady you are interested and now you want to go meet her. First you will want to book an apartment, hotels are quite expensive and any woman who enters might be seen as a prostitute. In Kyiv it is common for them to hassle or turn them away. If the lady encourages you to use her agency for arrangements you, are about to be charged almost double the going rate. Ukrainian woman are very thrifty as a general rule so be cautious if she pushes you to use her agency. Agency's make all there money from men who come to visit so it is in there interest to have you use there service.  A few of the agency's have there own apartments so they do not over charge. There is one advantage to hotels as they will have access to drivers who speak english and interpreters. We have a few on our links page that we personally use. If your lady will make a small effort to meet you at the airport that is a good sign she is at least a little interested in meeting you.