Dating agency's on the way out?

As more and more Ukrainians have internet acces (around 70%) will it bring an end to the mairrage agency's? As more people gain acces to the internet and translation programs do they need a dating/marrage agency.? As popular as internet dating is in most country's will Ukrainians move away from local dating agency's. Face book has almost ended dating web sites and they have had to reduce the cost and offer more than just contact with there users. Ukraine has a version of Facebook called vkontakt that is a copy of an older version of FB.


I am sure some of the more popular on line international dating sites will start to rethink there pricing and what they offer in order to stay competative. As more things are very low cost or free on the internet I am sure prices will start to come down in this sector. I guess the human ned for love and companionship will keep them going for years to come.