Apartment in Kiev

Renting an apartment or as it is called in Europe a flat is the most ecinomical way to stay when you travel to Ukraine. Hotels are quite expensive and normally only come with a few amenaties. There are a few advantages such as they will have be able to point you to English speaking drivers and the staff is on duty 24 hours a day. There are a couple ways to find an apartment in Kiev, first if you speak some Russian you can rent from people at the bus or train station as this is how some locals do it. Second you can book online we have a few on our links page that we use. Apartment for English speaking guests normally run any place from 50 dollars to over 200 depending on how fancy you want to get. A normal price for a 1 room or studio apartment close to the center is about 60 dollars give or take ten dollars. With an apartment some need to be booked in advance and some will offer discounted rates for certain days if you look. Most apartment will have Wi Fi and hot water on demand along with washing machine. One thing you will need to consider is a small converter for your electronics as the outlets use a different standard.