Romance tour to Ukraine

As some of you know one of the main reasons men travel to Ukraine is to see if there is any truth in what they have herd about Ukrainian women. A lot of men travel to Ukraine to try to meet what they consider the perfect woman for them. One of the many methods men will use is called a romance tour, one of the biggest tour operators is called AFA a foreign affair. They host them in quite a few country's including Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Latin America. There are full service tours or you can just attend the social. The full service tour includes a flight and accommodations in each city you travel to. In every city you will have what they call a social kind of like a cocktail party with dancing, drinking and food. The place will be full of beautiful woman and have interpreters for the men. You can choose women from a catalog of local women with profiles attached or you can choose them in advance from there web site along with the lady's they have invited. They have one week or one month tours that cover most of Ukraine or Russia. You can also just do the social of you are in the city they are holding the event. One thing is for sure, you will have more dates in a few days then you will have in a month under normal circumstances.