Top five travel destinations in Ukraine

We have carefully chosen our top five travel destinations in Ukraine. We consider them all a must see if you plan to spend a few weeks in Ukraine. It would not be difficult to spend a week exploring and enjoying any major city in Ukraine but we have compiled A list of our favorites. Our top five in Ukraine are Kiev is number one, Lvov is number two, Odessa is number three, Sevastopol is number four, for our final destination Yalta. We chose the order based on ease of travel since we are a travel site. We recommend when possible traveling to each city on our list by train as most are over nite and have sleeping quarters. I would recommend buying second class tickets so you have room for luggage.


For most people the capital Kiev is the first stop after the airport. For a start in Kiev I would recommend the free walking tour from free tours. You can check there web site for operating hours and where to find the tour. You will get a brief view and history of a few sites along the main street, they also offer guided tours to some of interesting sites around Kiev. Our Kiev page is full of places to see and things to do.


Lviv was founded in 1256 located along the Poltva rive it was used a Jewish ghetto during world war II. We chose Lvov as number two because of transportation issues with southern Ukraine. A flight from the newly redone international airport in Lviv can be a bargain. I would recommend flying to Odessa from Lvov because the train ride might be as much as 24 hours unless you can find a direct train in the summer. Lvov or Lviv as it is sometimes called is quite interesting and popular for tourism with its 13th century churches and architecture from many different periods. You can take excursions to castles and old world war II structures. The cafe's and shops can be quite enjoyable and since it is a normal tourist destination you will have no problems finding a local tour guide or tourist company to show you around. A few days in this unique city is a must for anyone looking to experience some of the culture and history of Ukraine. Lviv is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site.


Odessa founded in 1794 is number three on our list it is quite unique with its open air clubs along the beach. This city can be a lot of fun and many cruise ships come from the Black sea full of tourists. The Opera house is world famous for its design and acoustics. It is also famous for its outdoor market the seventh kilometer market, I am sure you can guess why it has that name. Unlike most of Crimea the beaches are sand and the famous Arkadia beach is frequented by tourists and locals as the place to be.

Next (number 4) we chose Yalta or as the locals call it the most expensive village in Ukraine. Shrimp, sunflower seeds, baklava!” That odd beach vendor chant is the sound of summer in the Crimea, a small Ukrainian peninsula that juts into the Black Sea. The vendors make their way past sunburnt bodies occupying every inch of the coast, offering Turkish honey pastries or Russian salty shrimp as an appetizer to a sumptuous holiday of contrasts. krym pronounced cream is the southern peninsula of Ukraine, Yalta is situated in the southern side of the peninsula. The Black sea brings warm southern air to the region giving it a Mediterranean feel at a fraction of the cost. The drive along the coast with it rocky cliffs makes for some great breath taking scenery. The area is famous for the signing of the treaty that ended WW II. You can still visit the palace where it was signed. They are also well known for the spa's and treatment facilities located in the region.


Finaly our final destination. 

For the best blend of sand, pebbles and history, head to this active naval base for Russian and Ukrainian fleets. Built by the Russians in the 18th Century, the town still stirs passion about who it really belongs to. Recently, in exchange for cheaper gas, Russians extended their lease of the fleet till 2042.

The town itself does not feel Ukrainian. Whitewashed government buildings, concert halls and battleships line the horizon, and there are elaborate monuments celebrating Russian feats of war. The place has a noble feel reminiscent of the former empire.

In the west of Sevastopol, the Greek ruins of the city of Chersoneses date back to 5 BC. Apart from collecting prenatal pottery pieces (there seems to be no restriction against it), locals and tourists can enjoy a refreshing swim in the rolling, blue waves of the Black Sea -- so called for the color of its deep waters densely populated with algae.