Finding and dating a woman in Ukraine.

To tell you the truth meeting a woman in Ukraine no different from here. You have to look out for gold diggers and girls who just want a shopping spree. If you use an agency beware of paying for an excursion to see or visit another city. The girl will be told or sold on the idea by making it a shopping trip along with seeing whatever it is you went to see.

I know of one example where I wanted to see a water park in a nearby city so I could write a little about it. The agency offered to make it an excursion so they could make a few dollars, well since I really didnt have time to work and arrange the transportation myself I said ok. The lady I was meeting at the time was from this agency so I of course offered to take her along with a visit to the zoo. I soon received a call from the agency telling me the water park was closed and we could still see the zoo, I figured what the hell I can write about the zoo and get a few pics. I made a quik phone call to a friend to look on the internet and see when the place in question would be open. Needles to say I was not very surprised when I found out it was in fact open and we could go. Soon after we arrived in Kharkov we took the Metro to the center close to the zoo. Of course they wanted to walk around the center and look for clothes to buy. The lady also brought her daughter along who wants to keen on the idea of shopping on my money. Well needles to say I didnt buy shit except zoo tickets. The moral of the story is even the agency will try to coerce the girls into taking trips under the guise of shopping for them.

The facts are there are some beautiful women in Ukraine and some are honest but beware an agency trying to turn them into shopaholics. Ukraine is full of decent women who would be a perfect and loving wife but it takes time money and a lot of work to weed out the bad apples. My advice learn some Russian take a few vacations and learn the culture. The exchange rate is very favorable and there is a lot of interesting things to see and do no matter what your taste. If you want to meet a woman and not deal with an agency try Elenas on our dating page or the banner on the right side. You will need to buy a membership but you will not need to pay per letter or translation.

There are some things you need to be aware of such as only give flowers in odd numbers. Just learn a little about the culture and don't dress like a slob. As in most of Europe the men dress a lot better than there American counterparts.