Prices have risen

It seems with the Euro 2012 approaching the cost for all the services have risen. Even in Sumy where my family and friends are, they have reported prices are starting to rise in Preparation for the football tournament. UFA the governing body has asked Ukraine to help with the rising prices and the government has responded by saying they will not allow hotels to overcharge. The facts are there is a shortage of hotels in Ukraine making them go for a premium when there are big events. I normally rent an apartment due to the high cost of hotels in Ukraine. Most locals will also rent a flat due to lack of hotels. There are several new hotels under construction but Ukraine will still fall short of the demand. This web site was created to help tourists save some money and not get ripped off when traveling to, in and around Ukraine. For an event such as this and the shortage of accommodations I expect prices to continue to rise as the tournament is under way.