Spring travel destination

As spring arrives and the sun starts to bring its warm rays the planning is well under way for a spring adventure in Ukraine. The cost of a flight has risen and with the Euro 2012 close at hand and the prices for accommodations have also risen. The train schedule for resort destinations remains unchanged for this year so far but subject to change as things get underway. As the tulips bloom and more flowers start to make an appearance thoughts of romance start to fill the hearts of many single women in Ukraine. The beautiful women start to dream of destinations and fairy tails of magic moments with that special some one. Even those who are married start to think of romance with there other half. Spring can be a special time for travel with that special partner. I prefer Odessa or Crimea as it warms quickly with The Black sea bringing its warm embrace to the beaches. In just a few short weeks the beaches will be full of tourists and family's enjoying the warm water and sun, for now the beaches are not crowded making a stroll along the water seem like you are the only one there. Walking along with that special some one can create the feeling of being the only two people in the world. I prefer Crimea as it warms more quickly and seems almost like a private resort with very few tourists in the spring.