Mail order bride

I found this Interesting from ukrainetravelblog.

Some ask why I started searching over seas for a potential wife, to tell the truth a friend said I should give Ukraine a try and I should go with him. being adventurous and curious about other cultures I decided to give it a try. Do to circumstances beyond my control my friend could not make the trip so I proceeded with my own plans. I did some research and had some guidance from some who have done this before. I have had experience in travel around Europe from my military days so I had some idea about foreign culture and the need to know a little of the local language. The key to being successful was having a few local contacts to help guide you along the way. I quickly learned that you can save a lot of money by having a few contacts. You can pay $15 an hour for interpreter or $7 by having a few contacts. I wound up with contacts in quite a few city’s as I traveled, I started to write them all down and keep some notes on how to get things done. After my first trip I was hooked learning the culture and exploring the country. For me it was more of a vacation and not really expecting to much from the women I met along the way. I met a few scammers and made some good friends along the way. After about a year of learning the culture and meeting the people I felt I could be successful finding a potential partner.