Travel in Ukraine

Today I am writing about some of the places well worth a visit in Ukraine. The exchange rate makes travel in Ukraine quite affordable. One of the biggest problems with travel around Ukraine is the lack of English speaking people. In major tourist destinations suck as Yalta,Odessa,Lviv, and Kyiv there are plenty of people who speak English. These destinations are familiar with tourists so it is common to have travelers who speak English.  There are more sites and places of interest than I can mention in just one article but we have quite a few on our travel page.

A few tips that are worth mentioning are first smart phone use can get expensive if you are not careful. An unlocked quad band phone can save you a lot of money, you can buy a local sim card and some data fairly cheap. Free WI FI can be found at McDonald's and Puzzata hatta restaurants.Check out tips page for more useful information on what to pack.