Bukovel where to shop

Bukovel Ukraine ski shopI was doing great loving the 50 KM of trails on one of the 17 lifts when I noticed I lost one of my gloves. Well after checking a few of the stores I found one with a decent discount, now knowing I am at a resort I expected to have to pay more than if I found some at home. To my surprise I found a place that had a decent discount and wound up paying around 20 dollars for a new pair of gloves.

You may notice the sign is in English but don't be fooled the local language is Russian, not many speak English but as the resort expands I expect more will offer Emglish in the future. I did find a few shop owners who spoke limited English but mostly it was Russian. Ski rental is much cheaper than snowboard rental at about 3-4 dollars a day, Snowboard rental should be no more than 10-11 a day and all rentals include a helmet since they are required on the slopes.

Ski and snowboard rental This is a chain rental place, This one has some employees who speak a little English. All of them are located along the road to Bukovel starting in Uremchey. If you count to number 3 this one is it, located at the bus stop in Mykulychyn so its hard to miss. My advice is to hire a guide since English isn't spoken much and a local interpreter (if you can find one) can cost more for a day then a guide will cost for a week. Another advantage of having a guide is they will find cheaper accommodations since they do not receive commission from local hotels, you will find some on our links page. A guide can save you more on accommodations than they cost to have them with you. Hotels can cost from 110 dollars and up per night depending on what you choose. To stay in a rooming house starts at 10 dollars a night up to 50 dollars and normally includes two meals a day. Transportation normally costs just under 1 dollars for a bus to around 4 dollars for a taxi each way. Buses run about every 20 minutes or so and its normal for them to pack you in until its standing room only.