Iphone in Ukraine

Kyiv Domino'sOn my last trip to Ukraine I used my Iphone 4, It is unlocked so I just used my local sim card and purchased some data for my phone. I used the standard map program on my phone to see where we were as we traveled in the Carpathian mountains. The thing that surprised me was that when we went to Kyiv for a day we wanted to find the Metro that was closest to our apartment. I opened the map put in Metro and up came the map, to my surprise it worked and after clicking on bus it gave the bus number as well as walking directions. We went to the bus stop and waited for our bus then took the metro to Khreschatik to find Sushi Ya, one of our favorite places. Another surprise was the Pizza places all have scooters for delivery. Domino's is one of the newest pizza chains to enter Ukraine.