Russia invades Ukraine

Russia has closed roads and surrounded Ukrainian military bases in Crimea. Ukraine has suspended military flights over its territory. Ukraine is and has requested help from the do nothing American president and the world community. I fear even with agreements from America and others they will be left to defend them self from Russia once again. President Obama has spoken to his friend Putin and it seems Russia will still invade. Journalists are forbidden to enter as roads are being closed. There have even been attempts to make trouble and take over other city's, Kharkov had some Russian youth try to take over a government building but were turned away. Russia uses paid youth to make protests and trouble when told to do so. Russia sent berkut to Kyiv and they failed now Russia has a chance to reclaim Ukraine and will attempt to do so. As Russia keeps testing the international community and how they will react, he is making it clear he intends to invade the rest of Ukraine. Roads now have guards flying Russian flags on all roads leading to Crimea. The guards and I suspect Russia have claimed Crimea is now Russian territory. My only hope is the international community will act quickly and harsh to allow Ukraine to keep it territory. I fear Russia will take Crimea from Ukraine, the only alternative is for Ukraine to oust the Russians from the military base in Sevastopol.