Rubles from Russia

As Russia pours rubles into Ukraine to finance a protest they are the only job in some areas. Since Russia took Crimea they are attempting to duplicate the actions in more areas of Ukraine. When you need to eat and the only job is protesting you take the job. Send a couple so called former troops in and you have yourself a city or whole peninsula. The vote will be done the same as Crimea, men with guns will ensure you vote and do it correctly. Most will be paid for votes others threatened or pressured into voting correctly. The fate of Ukraine rests in the hands of its greedy people who take bribes and get paid to protest. The blood of those who have fought to free Ukraine is on the hands of those excepting blood money from Russia. Ukraine has fought for freedom and independence now they are selling there country for a few rubles from Putin. Ukraine even has a word for the Russian youth who are paid to come and protest, unless Ukraine starts to have some sort of visa rules for Russians they will always be under threat from Russia. When your own people will sell there country out for greed and a few rubles from Putin they will never be free. Ukraine will need to find a leader who can unite the people for a love of Ukraine that will override there greed.