Ukrainian war and fight for freedom

As Russia tries to take more Ukrainian territory they lie about what they are doing to Further there own interest. Make no mistake these are not separatists trying to become part of Russia,they are Russians fighting a war to take more Ukrainian territory ( just like the soldiers in Crimea forcing a vote at gunpoint to join Russia) . Ukraine is calling them terrorists to give cover to the rest of the world. Europe does not want a full scale sanction of Russia as it will destroy what economy that is left. The American president has no interest in doing anything except raise money, vacation or golf. As Ukraine pleads to the rest of the world for help they hold talks. Europe has no interest in loosing big sectors of there economy or the gas that Russia supplies them. The American president has no interest in developing or even helping Europe with the gas or any other natural resource. Putin understand full well he can say what he wants and there will be little or no calling him out on his lies. As my Ukrainian friends say ( much speaking and nothing do, need do and nothing speak. ) The Ukrainian people are fed up with government corruption and it seams the new president is making a move to try to stop some of it. There will be elections to change the people who represent them and write the laws for Ukraine. The military has to depend on volunteers to equip them in there fight against Russia. Even fuel for the vehicles is taken from the government reserves so as to keep it from going in the pockets of underlings. We have received many requests for assistance in purchasing basic equipment such as flack jackets, helmets, rain gear and even backpacks for soldiers. Some are undergoing training and some are already in the fight.