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This site is for people who wish to travel to Ukraine.

Due to a lack of information and contacts for services we created this sight. You can find Apartments, translators and transportation information in Ukraine. You can also Email photos and articles from your travels inside Ukraine. we work diligently to make sure any company on our links page is reputable. We personally have or still use the company’s on our links page. If you would like to refer some one or a company for a service and would like to submit for review we would be happy to accept your information. Our team has traveled to or live in Ukraine. In our tips section you will find tips about every thing from clearing customs to getting a local cell phone for your use when you travel. Coming soon we will have a section for those interested in dating in Ukraine. We have a trusted and experience local writer from a city called Sumy.

Now for little about Ukraine the country is part of what is known as the former soviet union commonly referred to as the FSU. The most common language spoken is Russian. The alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet and most if not all signs are in this form. Getting where you need to go in Ukraine can be difficult if you do not speak the language or have a local contact person. I have found the people to be friendly for the most part and are more than willing to show you around and tell you a little about there city. They are very proud of the monuments and famous people from Ukraine. They have quite a few parks in every city where people have lunch take pictures or just sit and talk. One of my favorite things when traveling in Ukraine are the cafe's you can find one in almost every block.