Liliya Fedchenko

Dream what you want, go wherever youwant to go, and be with those with whom you wantbe, because you only have ONELIFE, and only one chance to do whatyou want to doWhen people go - let go. Fateseliminates unnecessary. This does not mean that theybad. This means that their role in yourlife is played out. (This is not mysaying, simply agree with this)To all I try to include humor, that is not a sign not of severity.I love and respect people and their points of view andopinions, while not losing his own I)I want toLove fills my soul to the veryageyou will look at me but never see-if younot looking in my heartwant to see and hear me-will open me itself(You'll look at me but nevercan not see without looking into my heart)want to see and hear me, show mea)I love life, in principle, like many, even though that is notunbearable pain to overcome, like allit is very hard when you can not withsomething smeritsya.In our world, a lot of dirt, a lot of anger andhatred, a lot of pain, a lot of oshibok.Nothere are those things for which it standsI live this zhizn.Dlya bringa lot of joy, warmth, a feeling thatI live in, but do not exist such a thingas muzaka, a good movie, and risingsunset, the sea (where you can sit onshore at night, look at the water, listen tosound waves) My biggest dream to seeocean, sit on the bank) I loveChildren are the best people toland), I appreciate these friends, I hope thatI have such even if onlyone, really appreciate and love myparents, although of course sometimes theyvery angry, but I know that they have for methe best and most expensive people in thisworld! And the greatest happiness forman this is of course love) Yes, it is alsomay carry with it not all good, butwhen it is not necessary to tryhurt her, cherish, struggle, try tothat she lived in our hearts ascan be longer) Now I do not have itbut was too short, has brought manytears, but I thank God for what shea) I want to believe that there is a long andlove, I want to love someone before the end oflife, and that he loved me soI am, loved even when I'man old

Looking for... Good, careful, gentile, clever, cultural

Nickname: 3109
Site: fiance
Age: 23
Sex: f
Height: 72 in
Weight: 141 lbs
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green Grey
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Torez
Country: Ukraine
Education: College
Occupation: Unemployed
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially



Looking For

Age: 30 to 40


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