Natalya B

I think that there are such men who consider that beautiful girls are silly and capricious. I am not such, I respect other people's feelings, especially the feelings of my beloved. In a relationship it is important to not only take but also give, give each other heat, care, attention and love ... To be faithful to my chosen and appreciate every moment with him This about me :)))))) And I I think that the world in which we live is very interesting, and I'm so curious, I want to see and learn something new. Can you tell me about your country, its culture? Or share with me interesting stories from your life . You will precisely laugh Oh, I remember one funny story from your life, if you want, I'll tell you about it:)))) You will precisely laugh

Looking for... The girls are very funny creatures ... .. they have always dreamed of an "ideal" man. But in real life, for some reason we get bored with this "ideal" and we are looking for his opposite:))))) I do not want to think ahead, what will be my man. When I meet him, I'll know it... Perhaps, he reads these lines now and decides to take the first step?

Nickname: 22379
Site: fiance
Age: 18
Sex: f
Height: 66 in
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Mariupol
Country: Ukraine
Education: High Unfinished
Occupation: Student
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially


I think that my man will be the main interest in my life. Yes, yes, how else .... I want to please him, to make happy every day. I think we find that we can to do together. We can go to the cinema, bowling, riding a car, spend the evening enjoying each other. And still I dream to fly in a balloon, it would be fun to do it together. Just you and me. We would take a bottle of champagne and celebrate. You want do this with me?

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Age: doesn't matter t


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