Tatyana Peeva

I am girl who in anytime will be able tosupport you and to give you council. Iam witty and optimist. I always knowwhat I really want and I do everythingto achieve any intent in my life. I amindependent woman and I try to be betterwith each coming day. I prefer moresmile and I don't like to be in sadmood. I always try to see good sides inpeople, I think that bad sides they willshow personally. I am sensitive andsober-minded. I prefer assess situationmany times and try to do something whileI will not weight pluses and cons.

Looking for... I want to see near me a serious man, whowould not play with my feelings. Attractive appearance doesn't metterwithout inner beauty. He should besincere person, with whom I'll be secureand happy. I am ready to love and be loved. Whatabout you?

Nickname: 20028
Site: fiance
Age: 18
Sex: f
Height: 64 in
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Brown Green
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Mariupol
Country: Ukraine
Education: High Unfinished
Occupation: Student
Religion: Orthodox
Smoking: No
Drinking: No


I have versatile development ofpersonality. Currently I am a student. Ialways have time to study and at thesame time I spare a good time with myfriends. Most of all I like to study history anddiscover the culture of other countries.My dream is to see the world and show itto my parents.

Looking For

Age: 19 to 40


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