Travel to Odessa

Odessa also know as the pearl of the black sea has all that beauty that can be found in a southern sea city, fresh breeze from the sea, light and sunny streets, sensation of never ending holiday. Odessa is a city in southwestern Ukraine. It is is situated on terraced hills overlooking a small harbor, north of an estuary of the Dniester river But Odessa is not just a southern city. It is very green and full of parks, monuments, theaters, magnificent buildings. The climate of Odessa is moderately continental, dry and soft. The Black Sea softens frost in the winter time and weakens heat in the summer. There is more than 20 km of beaches making this resort very attractive for those who love swimming and sunbathing. Odessa is also known for its huge outdoor market, the Seventh-Kilometer Market.

Odessa area is famous for its mineral water springs and curative mud. The numerous medical facilities provide natural medical procedures and treat diseases of digestive, nervous, and circulatory system with a good success rate. Odessa being a tourist city there people from all over the world like to visit it has another industry not so well known sex tourism. it seems Odessa is full of escorts and erotic massage places.

Don't miss the world famous Odessa Opera House!

Here is a link to the famous club Palladium

Here is a link to a night club called Ibiza it is only open in the summer but is quite unique