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Sumy Ukraine

Sumy was founded in 1652 at the bank of the Psel River (a left tributary of the Dnieper). Sumy also has quite a few nice cathedrals dating as far back as 1702. The city is located in the northeastern part of Ukraine, there are quite few famous people from Sumy including President Viktor Yushchenko. Sumy is known as an industrial, cultural, economical center of the Sumy region, there are restaurants and disco's all over but the best are located along the Psel river bank 15 minutes walking from the center of Sumy. Most will have a fantastic view of the river and some even have outdoor patios in the summer. One of my favorite places in the city is the no car zone where you can see 2 of the cathedrals, there is also an interesting museum close by that has artwork owned by some of the locals.

To get to Sumy is a 4 hour cab ride from the airport (Borispol), on my last trip to Sumy the taxi was around one hundred dollars it was arranged by the agency I rent from, and from what I have seen for a cab to Sumy it was quite a good deal (see links page). You can also travel by train from Kiev but the signs are in Russian or take the bus outside the train station. Train tickets should be purchased in advance. for interpreters and accommodations in Sumy see our links page. You can also take a bus from the train station cost is around 50 UAH. the buses are across from the front of the station. the metro is on the back side of the train station.

The city itself is kind of provincial with quite a few parks and cafe's. For a place to stay if you decide to visit Sumy they have a newer hotel called the Pan or you can do like seasoned travelers and rent an apartment. You can find places to rent an apartment on our links page.

Sumy Ukraine has quite a few nice places to eat with all sorts of food . You can have traditional Ukrainian food , pizza, Italian, Egyptian, sushi and plenty of potatoes. Potatoes and salad are a large part of the local staple for food as well as borscht. Salad is mostly made with mayonnaise but a few are made with oil. Potatoes are cooked every way imaginable fried mashed in soup or salad. Mushrooms are also quite popular in salad and soup. You can also have pancake stuffed with what ever you like such as chicken, fish and mushroom., the pancakes in Ukraine look and taste like a crepe.One of my favorite is the Perogi's filled with a veriety of of meat, cheese or fruit.


Fonconi restaurant in Sumy Ukraine

pictures of some food at the restaurant. As with most of Europe fish is quite popular.

slamon at Falconi in Sumy



Here are some pictures from Sumy.

Sumy park

This is a picture of a park I could see from my balcony in the apartment.

stary mill

Here is a picture of a restaurant named starie mill or something similar.



It was an outdoor event this time I think this is called shaslicki not sure of the spelling.

sumy ukraine

Here He is cooking fisherman's stew it was quite good.

toast in sumy

Here is to good friends good food and really good vodka.

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