Travel to Yalta

Yalta is a city in Crimea, southern Ukraine, on the north coast of the Black Sea. The city Yalta is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, said to have been founded by Greek sailors who were looking for a safe shore on which to land. Yalta is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by wooded mountains. Yalta enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity. Yalta came to worldwide attention in 1945 when the Yalta Conference between the "Big Three" powers - the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom - was held at the Livadia Palace.

Yalta has a beautiful embankment along the Black Sea surrounded by mountains. People can be seen strolling there all seasons of the year, and it also serves as a place to gather and talk (actually the place "to see and to be seen"). There are several beaches on left and right sides from the embankment. Yalta has a movie theater, drama theater, plenty of restaurants, open-air market with fresh produce and and souvenir's. The longest in Europe trolley's line goes from train station in Simferopol to Yalta (almost 90 km) with an incredible view.

The streets of Yalta are filled with performers of all types including dancers, artists and musicians of all kind. The beaches have people walking along selling all sorts of food and local wine at reasonable prices. The food and wine is quite good you can get baklava, roasted corn, sandwiches, little shrimp, fish, smoked or dried and salted and wine, white, red, sweet, bitter or in between. There are also restaurants and shops all along the beach to purchase beer, water, soda pop and snacks. Yalta is considered one of the most expensive resort areas in Ukraine but with the exchange rate being favorable it can be a great vacation at a reasonable price. The way the locals stay is to rent an apartment either online or at the bus station in Yalta.